Kira Ann Bolin is no stranger to the stage. From a young age, she has been proficient in several forms of self expression. Her lifetime resume includes: a history of gymnastics, high diving, ballet, drill team and choir. Performance has played an integral part in the development of the woman she has become. Along with captivating audiences throughout her youth, she also spent 7 years in college majoring in American Sign Language; an admirable skill that allows her to communicate at an even deeper with the world.

Her journeys beyond the classroom include notable accomplishments such as being a co-founder of the Austin Flow Jam; a circus skill-share meet up that happens every Tuesday at the State Capitol in Austin, Texas. Her talents have expanded to include aerial silks, hammock, pole and acrobatic yoga. Along with admirable sangre11 (1)aerial experience, she also has an extensive library of fire and LED tools under her belt which are as follows: hula hoop, fans, poi, orb, wand, umbrella, fingers, Isis Wings and double staves.

Kira is dedicated to consistently refining and honing her abilities; driven beyond measure to exude grace and strength. Her travels have taken her all the way to Costa Rica, and landed her spots alongside renowned flow artists Nick Woolsey, Zan Moore and Banyan Gallagher. Kira has not only been an apprentice to some of the best, but is also an amazing teacher herself; sharing the joy of acro-yoga with students from all walks of life. As a creator, costume-designer and community-builder Kira Ann Bolin can hold her own. Any audience can clearly see the magic and radiance she brings forth from her spirit when she takes the stage.