IMG_6904Sangre Del Sol is an Austin, Texas based collective of performance artists and dancers focused on the Art of Fire and Glow/ LED Light Dancing. Some of their members have been working together for over 10 years, and their experience and connection with each other allows them to take their performances to amazing new levels. Their beautifully choreographed routines, special flow in their dance and presentation really sets them apart from others.

Sangre Del Sol inspires people of all ages and walks of life with their diverse range of dance styles, techniques, costumes, characters, visuals and music. Most costumes and props are designed and handmade by their dancers, deepening their connection with their performances. The dancers are proficient with such props as; poi, batons, hoops, staffs, swords, fans, fingers, palm torches, veils and glow flags, as well as some more unique props such as fire crowns, horns, wings, flaming hearts, orbs, jump rope, umbrellas and glowing fabric wings. For their light and LED shows they bring in special projections with symbols, shapes and colors to help enhance the visual experience and led one on a journey. All of this exciting variety keeps their audiences entranced and engaged.

For the fire shows safety comes first always for both the crew as well as the audience. They have held permits, insurance and have been supported by their local fire marshal for the last ten years.

They were voted best Fire Dancers in the Austin Chronicle and have been featured in The Austin Statesman, Rare Magazine, The Daily Texan, Austin Daze, The Onion, Feedback Mag., Austin Monthly, Media Bistro and several documentaries.

For Sangre Del Sol, performing is a gift and a service to the community. Their performances are always a ritual that comes from the heart.

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